26 september

VDNH Install Five New Landscape Compositions

The Main Exhibition begins preparation work for the 2020 flower season. To make the unique landscape of VDNH even more colourful, the staff of the Exhibition has already started some of the preparation work. Next spring, visitors will see new green compositions in the Sibirsky and Nalchiksky Parks, by the Museum of Cinema and the fountain behind pavilion 64 Optics. Besides, a Möbius Strip natural attraction will decorate VDNH, by the Garden of Five Senses.

One of the most original installations of the VDNH Landscape Park is the Garden of Five Senses. You can find it in the Cultivated Nature area, by pavilion 28 Bee-Keeping. It looks like a continuous route made in the shape of a Möbius strip. Every part of the Garden will symbolise and activate one of five human senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. The touch area will be planted with pine trees with soft needles pleasant to the touch. The sound garden will be filled with linden, birch, and poplar trees with rustling leaves. In spring, the garden of fragrances will be filled with daffodils and muscari, from late spring till autumn — with meadowsweet, Rosa mosqueta, and shrubby trefoil, and after the leaf fall, witch-hazel will bloom. In the garden of taste you will find chokeberry, blueberry, gooseberry, black and red currant, and delicious herbs. A composition of perennial plants will decorate the garden of visual sensations. In early spring you can see blossoming bulbs, and in winter — enjoy the sight of grains.

The Nalchisksky Park next to the Mobius Strip will transform, too, in spring 2020. Its area of 1000 sq. m. will be divided into nine small sections. In total, they will plant around 60 species of perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs — various types of sage, echinacea, crocus, glory-of-the-snow, muscari, hawthorn, two types of maple trees, Indian pear, and many more. The plants have been specially planted so that they are able to bring joy from May all the way through to October.

Beautification works started in the Sibirsky Park behind building No. 538, in front of the EXPO area. Right now, our experts are preparing the lot, forming flower beds with the total area of almost 1000 sq. m. and compacting fertile soil. Later, they will plant 11,000 plants of 18 different varieties here, including reed grass, molinia, astilboides, pearlwort, and other types of perennial flowers. The composition will be complemented with juniper and hybrid tea rose, two types of maple and apple trees, Padus maackii, and green hawthorn.

Another landscape area will decorate the square around the fountain behind pavilion 64 Optics. The perennials such as mockbug, stefanander, miscanthus, stonecrop, iris and others, which form colorful patterns during flowering and complement existing plants.

In spring 2020, the lot by Pavilion 36, where the Museum of Cinema is located, will radiate with new colours, thank to the work of experts who will transform its lawns using just four types of plants: common juniper, stephanandra, blue molinia, and acornifolia. Our landscape designers will create stylish compositions to delight visitors from May till late autumn.

For the convenience of guests, landscaped areas will be equipped with comfortable walking paths, benches, and lighting.

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