21 september

Musicians to play glass harp and tuned bottles at VDNH

On 23 and 24 September 2017, Moscow Glass Fest will be held for the first time in the Park of Crafts at VDNH. The programme includes an exhibition and glassware fair, a historical reconstruction "Ancient Glasswork", and many other events. The festival has a fitting musical programme — glass harp prodigy Alexander Lemeshev will perform with a string quartet and tuned bottle musician Fyodor Grigoriev.

Alexander Lemeshev is one of the most famous musicians to play the glass harp, also known as 'singing glasses'. He is the first Russian to have been admitted to the organisation Glass Music International. The glass harp or, 'ghost fiddle', is an ancient musical instrument, consisting of 24 to 36 wine and cognac glasses. Each is individually tuned by adding water. You can listen to this amazing instrument accompanied by a string quartet at 4 p.m. on Saturday, 23 September.

Ordinary bottles are another source of enchanting music, as tuned bottle player Fyodor Grigoriev is keen to demonstrate. He will be performing masterpieces of world music on two dozen bottles suspended in the air. It's an unforgettable show, worthy of any festival or celebration. Fyodor Grigoriev's concert will take place on Sunday, 24 September, at 3 p.m.

An exhibition featuring glass artists' finest work will run for two days at the festival, 23–24 September. Pieces will include sculptures, installations, pictures, objets d'art, etc. You can learn more about the history of glasswork at the lecture hall in the House of Crafts (VDNH pav. No. 47). Expert craftsmen who know all about working with glass will share the tricks of their trade with the audience. The highlight of the programme is "Ancient Glasswork", a spectacular show which will take place from midday to 7 p.m. Specialists will demonstrate the ancient art of producing glasswork using authentic period equipment and tools.

The festival comprises a total of 20 workshops devoted to all kinds of glass-making: you will be able to create your very own picture, jewelry, pendant or magnet. Pieces by the master craftsmen will be put up for grabs in a lottery held every hour. Every day from midday to 4 p.m. younger visitors to the festival will be able to take part in a quest game. Each child receives a map and set of tasks, which on completion will reveal the location of a prize!


This is the first edition of Moscow Glass Fest in Russia. The festival will comprise an exhibition, glassware fair, master classes, demonstration of ancient techniques, series of lectures and a prize lottery. Dozens of master craftsmen will gather from all over the country: Saint Petersburg, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Gus-Khrustalny, Penza Region — helping to revive the traditions of this ancient and beautiful craft.

The Park of Crafts is a collection of public workshops at VDNH that brings together craftsmen, restorers, artists and industrial designers who are re-imagining craft traditions. The vast Park of Crafts is home to the Dymov Ceramics School, the City Farm Family Educational Centre, the Fishing Village, the SM-47 Joinery Workshop, the Glass-Blowing Workshop and School, the School of Stained Glass and Mosaic, the Smart Coffee Laboratory, the Olesya Shevchuk Cheese-Making School, the Batique Centre, the Uniquely Studio of Architecture, Furniture and Interior Design, the Sewing Workshop, the Pure Love Cosmetics Laboratory, the Liza Smirnova Embroidery Workshop, the Olga Baturina Creative Workshop, the May-May Flower Workshop, and the honey and gift shop, Hello, Honey.

VENUE: The Park of Crafts at VDNH (The House of Crafts, VDNH, pav. No. 47).
TIME: 23 and 24 September 2017, from midday to 7 p.m.
PRICE: free admission.
ORGANISERS: JSC VDNH, Moscow Art Glass Company (residents of the VDNH Park of Crafts in pav. No. 47 Workshop and School of Glass and pav. No. 186 Stained Glass and Mosaic Studio).

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