6 october

The Spike brooch, a "gold" medal and a ceramic heart: what tourists are bringing back from VDNH

Tourists told us about the presents they're bringing back for their family and friends after visiting the country's main exhibition center. In the list of the most popular and unusual souvenirs are items that cannot be bought anywhere else in Moscow: hand-made pieces from the workshops of VDNH's Park of Crafts, natural and healthy sweet treats, 3D magnets, napkins and "gold" medals featuring famous Exhibition buildings.

The Exhibition welcomes 25 million visitors a year, coming from Moscow, Russia and all over the world. Tourists nowadays tend to prefer rare and unusual souvenirs, especially handmade, eco-friendly objects made by local manufacturers and one-off items that convey the atmosphere of the place where they were bought.

Decorative glass pieces are especially popular with visitors to VDNH. They are made by hand at the workshop and school of glass inside the Park of Crafts and can be bought in nowhere else in Moscow. The most popular jewelry gift item is a hand-crafted stained-glass brooch. It was designed especially for VDNH based on the famous Golden Spike fountain. Limited edition glass pendants and magnets featuring symbols of the Exhibition Center are also available.

The most popular gift items foreign tourists take home include authentic Russian jams available in "raspberry and mint" and "apricot and lavender" flavors, as well as creamed honey with added almonds from the honey gift shop "Hello, honey". "Dymov Ceramics" is a manufacturer growing in popularity. Visitors come to buy decorative heart-shaped ceramic pieces, non-standard vases and jars, and natural chocolate with honey, made in Yaroslavl region.

Popular with Chinese tourists are funny wooden signs in the shape of ice-cream cones, bicycles, scooters etc., which are made in the carpenter's workshop SM-47 in the Park of Crafts. In addition to the Park of Crafts, these signs are also sold in the souvenir shop near the main entrance to the Exhibition.

This year the souvenir shop is also selling VDNH-branded 3D magnets made of natural materials featuring images of the restored historical pavilions and other exhibition center landmarks. At the start of October a new accessory by the artist Nadezhda Golubtsova was added to the range of souvenirs. She has designed shawls decorated with images of the pavilions, fountains, main entrance arch and other symbols of VDNH.

Back in 1939 everyone who visited the exhibition center could take home a souvenir from what was then called the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition: The Moscow branch of Roskultorg had a pavilion and kiosks in which albums, notebooks, address books, postcards, kids toys and other items specially produced for the Exhibition were sold. Such souvenirs were much sought-after presents at the time, and private collections still contain rare examples of gifts bearing the symbols of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, now known as VDNH.

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