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Art festival “Inspiration” starts on 25 July at VDNH

From 25 July to 1 August VDNH becomes the ground of the first Art Festival “Inspiration”. Classics and modernity, symphonic music and street theater, soviet architecture and multimedia solutions – all the brightest, unforgettable and magic in art is gathered here at VDNH!

Art Festival “Inspiration” is an unprecedented art project uniting two main ideas. The first one is the exhibition of the achievements of the national art including the huge street shows, world famous opera voices, light installations and fantastic fireworks. The second is the territory of VDNH being the source of inspiration for creative thinkers from all over the world. Dancers, musicians, installers and specialists in different spheres unite to show the new vision of the existing art, i.e. ballet, music, theater and architecture. The work of these talented people lets the visitors of VDNH see 3D shows, become participants and spectators of light and music laser shows and enjoy evolutionary choreography on the water and much more. All these can be seen only at the Art festival “Inspiration”.

25 July.
As the Art Festival preopening the Green Theater of VDNH presents “La Traviata” of Giuseppe Verdi performed by the leading soloists of the Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko.

26 July.
The Festival is opened by the dancing media performance performed against the background of coming alive pavilion 66 “Culture”. The creators of the unique project are Anna Abalikhina, modern Russian choreographer studying the synthesis of a dance, media technologies, interactive video, sound and other factors of surroundings and Anton Chukaev the creator of the unique light shows in London, saint-Petersburg, Sochi and Moscow. Together they will present a metaphor show about the history of the Main Exhibition of the country. The architecture of one of the most famous pavilions of VDNH, pavilion 66 “Culture” commemorated to the opening of the Exhibition in 1954, will become the main participant of the unique show that will be presented only three times, only on 26 July and only at the Art Festival “Inspiration”.

Twelve dancers, prizewinners of Russian and international competitions in modern dances will act together with the space of the pavilion and video projections created especially for this performance. They will travel through time, history and finally will build the new world of the nearest future of VDNH.

27-30 July.
Every evening at the Main Alley of the Exhibition there will work four interactive grounds under the project “Let’s create the art together” at the Art Festival “Inspiration”. The first one is the fountain “The friendship of the people", the second is the pavilion 1 “Central”, the third is the fountain “The Stone Flower” and the forth is the night sky above the Main Exhibition of the country with the laser show. The X factor of the event is that each visitor of the VDNH will be able to become the co-creator of the light installation. They will have a chance to create light scores, choose the lighting of the fountains and of course make pictures of their own creations.

31 July.
The evening will start with bright festival of Russian and International street performers “Theater with no boundaries” that will occupy the territory of VDNH and Ostankino Park. The key event will become the huge street program “Three dimensions of VDNH” at the Central Alley. The participants will be not only the actors of the theaters Les Plasticien Volants, Pipotal, Trans Express but also all the spectators, the visitors of VDNH, magic, coming to live scenery and even architectural masterpieces of the Main Exhibition of the country. The key event of the festival will be the grand street performance called “The three dimensions of VDNH” to be held at the Central Alley. The performance was created especially for the festival by the famous French theater Les Plasticien Volants. The participants of the performance will be not only the actors of the theater but also huge figures flying over the Man Alley of VDNH. The French theater for the more than 40 years of its existence became the part of the global elite of theatrical art. The flying objects of Volants Theater representing big fish, octopuses, seahorses and magic fairy tale characters took part in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Barcelona and Sydney, in the ceremony of opening of the Channel tunnel, in the show at the finals of the champion League in France and other important events all over the world.

1 August.
In the morning the visitors will enjoy the Festival of Russian and International street performers “Theater with no boundaries” held at the territory of VDNH and Ostankino Park. The participants are both the stars of this art movement and novice actors. More than 150 stilt walkers from all over the world will gather together for the first time. The visitors will enjoy taking equal part in the interludes, funny skits and elegant scene studies that will be performed all over the park.
The evening program will be of interest to the amateurs of opera and ballet, admirers of the modern art, high-tech solutions and everything unusual. Ostankino pond will become the stage for the special project “Evolution” that will be the inspiration for the unique performance. The idea of the performance is to show how life is created and developed, how Harmony of Human and World is achieved with the help of dancing. The spectacle shows life through dancing and the unusual scene only highlights the beauty if the idea and theatrical solutions. This unique ballet performance of the famous choreographer – producer Egor Druzhinin surrounded by the amazing effects of one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow will be presented in Russia for the first time.

The main event of the Art Festival “Inspiration” is an open-air performance of Russian opera singers, performing on the world opera stages, “In one breath” at the Main Alley of the exhibition. One will have a chance to hear at VDNH the voices that usually sound at the best stages of European opera theaters.

At the end of the concert the spectators will enjoy the wonderful par fireworks. Almost for ten minutes the night sky above the Main Exhibition of the country will be lit by the fantastic fire cascades, glimmering golden-daisies and sparkling balls. The Art Festival will become Inspiration for every participant and spectator.

Media partners of the Festival “Inspiration”: Radio Best FM and Moscow-24 TV channel.

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