VDNH in Fashion. 1939–2019

This year, VDNH, Russia's main exhibition venue, is celebrating its 80th anniversary! In honour of this occasion, the famous fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev created the unique exhibition, entitled 'VDNH in Fashion. 1939–2019', as a gift to VDNH.

The exposition positioned in pavilion No. 16 (Hydrometeorology) is a retrospect spanning eight decades of men’s and women’s apparel, including the Stalin’s era, Khrushchev Thaw, Brezhnevian Stagnation, Perestroika, roaring ’90s and early 21st century.

VDNH has always attracted the savviest and snappiest characters of the day. In the pavilions, one could come across foreigners, journalists, actors, stage directors and ordinary citizens from every corner of the Soviet Union. Back in the day, a visit to VDNH was a social event, and everybody dressed up to the occasion. Along with the clothing and accessories, the exposition will feature photos offering insights into the fashion and styles of the epochs covered by the exhibition.

VENUE: Pavilion No. 16 (Hydrometeorology).
WHEN: 29 May – 29 September 2019 Daily from 11:00 to 22:00, except Monday.
CURATOR: Cyrille Gassiline.
PRICE: adults: RUB 300; children from 6 to 16 years old, full-time students and pensioners: RUB 100. Free of charge: children under 6, orphans, abandoned children, persons with disabilities, WWII veterans and members of multi-child families with at least one child under 16.