The Multimedia Russia — My History Historical Park

Starting December 24, 2018, visitors to the Russia — My History Historical Park, located in Pavilion No. 57, will be treated to new interactive exhibits, multimedia installations and applications on historical plots and topics.

The exposition's Interesting Facts section on the Soviet period has been revised with 150 new descriptions and an updated visual design. Multimedia e-books, a popular format among many exhibition visitors, have been supplemented with new chapters on the Russian exploration of Siberia, old Russian weapons, folk arts and crafts, lost relics, and royal fashions and ceremonial court etiquette through the ages. Each book now contains dozens of "living" pages.

After the formal opening of the historical park's exhibitions, visitors can now view new collages on old Russian culture, the social estates in the Russian Empire, and 20th and 21st century culture. One of the most interesting new additions is the exhibition stand narrating about the contribution of ordinary people to the Great Victory, as well as notable labour and military exploits on the Soviet home front.

The Family Tree of the Romanovs and complete Family Tree of the Rurikovich Dynasty are among the largest exhibits of the updated exposition. It took several months to create them. Quizzes designed to prepare schoolchildren for the Unified State Examination and complementing the already existing quizzes have also been compiled to test the knowledge of pupils who regularly visit the Historical Park on field trips. Topics include the expansion of the Russian State in different centuries and Russian tile-making, an internationally known decorative and applied art.

Light displays for new exhibits have been added to the exposition on a trial basis. For example, the room dedicated to Yaroslav the Wise features barrels with a visual comparison of old and modern Russian eating habits. Foods familiar to any Russian, such as sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, soused apples, cowberries and kvas, are presented to visitors as infographic visualisations based on the history of medieval Russian cuisine.

LOCATION: Pavilion No. 57.
TIME: starting December 24, 2018 from 2 pm to 9 pm Open 10 am to 9 pm on all other days, except for Monday (ticket offices open until 8 pm). Closed: December 27–31, 2018 and January 1, 2019.


Single-entry ticket to either "The Rurikovich Dynasty" or "The Romanovs": RUB 500 (ages 18+) with a free same-day visit to "Russia — My History. 1914–2017".

Full-time students and seniors: RUB 300 for a single-entry ticket to either "The Rurikovich Dynasty" or "The Romanovs" exposition, and a free same-day visit to the "Russia — My History. 1914–2017" exhibition.

Single entry to the "Russia — My History. 1914–2017" exhibition: RUB 500 for visitors aged 18+, RUB 300 for full-time students and seniors.

Audio-guide rentals with security deposit: RUB 200 (weekdays), RUB 300 (weekends and holidays).

Tickets to all exhibitions of the Historical Park purchased on the website have a 50% discount: RUB 250.


Admission to "The Rurikovich Dynasty", "The Romanovs" or "The 20th Century" exhibition (included in the admission ticket): groups of at least 10: RUB 500 per visitor; groups of persons entitled to discounts (schoolchildren, university students, seniors and military servicemen): RUB 300 per visitor; sightseeing tours for groups (in English): RUB 700 per visitor; private tours (1 to 5 persons, in Russian): RUB 3000; private tours (1 to 5 persons, in English): RUB 6000.

Free admission

The exposition is open to: children up to 18 years old; large families (three and more children), veterans of the Second World War, unemployed persons with disabilities (Group 1 and 2), persons disabled since childhood, combat veterans and equivalent groups, army conscripts, orphans and children living without parental care, disabled children, elderly in state care living in residential facilities for the disabled and elderly. Please show your ID to the cashier, if requested.