ROSIZO Gallery at VDNH: Always Modern. #THREE. Zhilinsky. Obrosov. Rabin

From 03 March until 23 April 2017, the ROSIZO Gallery in Pavilion No. 66 'Culture' will be showing the third exhibition cycle of 'Always Modern #THREE. Zhilinsky. Obrosov. Rabin', bringing together the works of three artists from different directions, but of one generation.

Zhilinsky, Obrosov, Rabin — three views of one epoch, three author's myths, each of which has retained followers among contemporary Russian artists. Their works will be presented on several screens as multimedia supplements to the project. This exhibition demonstrates the continuity of artistic epochs — from avant-garde to contemporary art.

Project curator Pyotr Baranov invites visitors to look at the epoch of modern art as a unity of antipodes, developed from the artistic efforts of masters, who were very different, but by no means antagonistic. The exhibition 'Always Modern. #THREE. Zhilinsky. Obrosov. Rabin' brings together artists with their own reflections of the specifics of their era. Dmitry Zhilinsky looked at modernity through the eyes of a master of the Renaissance; Igor Obrosov was a brilliant representative of the "austere style";

Oscar Rabin became a leader of non-conformism — in 1974, he initiated the first unauthorized (and therefore broken up by the authorities) exhibition featuring the works of unofficial Soviet artists, which entered the history of art as the 'Bulldozer Exhibition'.

The exhibition 'Always Modern. #THREE. Zhilinsky. Obrosov. Rabin, is the first in a series of special events being put on to mark the 90th birth anniversary of Dmitry Zhilinsky, who, by his work, proved that there are no insurmountable contradictions between classical tradition and modern art. This project, which comprises more than 80 works from the collections of artists and works from the collections of Valery Dudakov, Tamaz and Iveta Manasherovy, Igor Markin and Lika Semenova, is also intended to demonstrate the high level of art collecting in our country.

VENUE: Pavilion No. 66 'Culture'.
DATE: 03 March — 23 April 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 


  • the full ticket — 250 roubles;
  • 100 roubles — for pensioners; Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory; students of secondary regular and special educational institutions (18 years of age and over); students of Russian higher educational institutions, including foreign citizens that are students of Russian universities (except for student interns);

    free of charge:
  • persons under 18 years of age;
  • students of faculties specialising in the field of fine arts, specialised secondary and higher educational institutions of Russia, regardless of the form of education (including foreign citizens that are students of Russian universities). Not applicable to persons presenting student tickets of student interns (in the absence of information, on the student ticket, about the faculty, one must present a certificate from the educational institution, showing the name of the faculty);
  • artists, architects, designers — members of the respective artistic unions of Russia and its constituent entities;
  • members and staff of the Russian Academy of Arts;
  • art critics — members of the Association of Art Critics of Russia and its constituent entities;
  • veterans and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, participants of military operations (citizens of Russia and the CIS countries);
  • invalids of Groups I and II (citizens of Russia and the CIS countries);
  • servicemen on active duty;
  • employees of the Russian Ministry of Culture museums system and the relevant executive authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM);
  • guides interpreters who have accreditation cards from the Association of Guides Interpreters and Tour Managers of Russia, when accompanying a group of tourists;
  • one teacher supervisor and one person accompanying a group of students of secondary regular and specialised schools — with a sightseeing pass or subscription (citizens of Russia and the CIS countries);
  • one person accompanying a group of students or servicemen on active duty — with sightseeing pass or subscription;
  • one person accompanying an invalid of Group I or a disabled child (citizens of Russia and CIS countries).

3 марта — 23 апреля 2017 года