'Gardens and People at VDNH' Festival: the Festival of Landscape Art, Horticulture and Plant Nurseries

From 15 to 25 of August 2019, the 6th Moscow International Festival of Landscape Art, Horticulture and Plant Nurseries 'Gardens and People at VDNH' will be held in VDNH's Northern Square. The Festival has become a landmark event in the capital's cultural life and a hotspot for landscaping professionals from Russia and Europe's largest countries.

Starting from the very first festival, the organising committee determined the theme for the gardens contest—in 2019 it's going to be 'The Fifth Element'. The organisers believe the theme is meant to give a general direction, not to limit the creativity of the participants, so the creators are always free to come up with their own interpretation.

As an established professional event, the festival is also of interest to the fans of landscape art and horticulture. Every day of the event, the Green Lectorium will be the place to meet the leading experts in different fields related to horticulture and landscaping architecture.

'Gardens and People' is increasing in popularity each year as more people get interested in having their own gardens, improving the urban area where they live, and concerned about environmental issues and the quality of life.

LOCATION: North Square (open-air venue between exits North 1 and North 3).
OPENING HOURS: 15 to 25 August 2019.