Robostantsiya interactive exhibition at VDNH

In pavilion #2 (Education) you can visit the exhibition of a new format — Robostantsiya. 170,000 people visited it last year. Children are welcomed by both familiar and new robots: the huge Robodog is the sensation of the 2016 Interactive exhibition. The star dog Sirius speeds up to 40 km/h, offers a robopaw and utters a "thunder-woof," "space yap," and "moon howl."

Robostantsiya is the most innovative and entertaining exhibition for the entire family! It is equally interesting for 4-year-old kids, teenagers, and their parents. 170,000 people visited the exhibition last season. 

As last year, it is possible to register a marriage in the Robostation. Watch the make-up artist robot, the art flute robot, the bartender robot Homer, the beggar robot, the smoothie robot, the climber robot, the robot solving the Rubik's cube puzzle, the joker robot. 

Among the new things at the exhibition, there is the enormous robodogThe star dog Sirius speeds up to 40 km/h, offers a robopaw and utters a "thunder-woof," "space yap," and "moon howl." Also in the Expo zone there is the companion robot, the chef robot, an interactive robo-orchestra, a scholar robot, actor robots, and other robots from around the world.

For the first time there will be a multimedia zone at the Robostantsiya: a cube with quadrocopters, quests involving robots, and a mini-workshop for robohead manufacturing.

The "Engineering Happiness" project by the famous artist and mechanic-animator Alexander Getsoi will be featured as a separate exposition at the Robostantsiya. "Engineering Happiness" is a series of "coming to life" mechanical paintings, representing scientific and technical discoveries of different ages — from the street lamp and the bicycle to drawbridges and the space station.

The technopark zone, a real engineering workshop, is a place for building unique robots out of various materials, under the guidance of mentor engineers, getting a diploma in robotics, and also determining whether a child has a talent for the engineering sciences. Using the online service "Professions of future Moscow," launched by the Moscow Innovation Agency and Profilum company, each visitor will be able to take a small test that shows the propensity for future professions.

The Robostantsiya is a platform for new knowledge, communication, gaining experience and vivid impressions. Robots and roboticists will conduct entertaining workshops and presentations, and the audience will witness world and Russian premieres in the field of robotics. Lively lectures and workshops by beginner and advanced roboticists, industrial designers, and futurologists will be interesting for adults and children alike.


  • The multimedia zone — it will save the world 
  • Robot expo — the most attractive and intelligent robots from different countries 
  • Open engineering — creating and repairing robots online 
  • Technopark — work for hands and heads 
  • Moscow Art and Industry Institute — the coolest guys and gals are with us again 
  • Robot show — strictly on schedule 
  • Test range — robot fights, auto racing Pure drive! 
  • Azimov lecture hall — stars tell stories 
  • Vocational guidance, even for the little ones: knowledge is power and success 
  • "Engineering happiness" — exhibition of moving paintings 
  • Children's zone and a café by Anderson
  • Cube with quadrocopters — flying under the sun 
  • A mini-workshop for robohead manufacturing Hold your breath! Our classics 
  • Quests — no horror, only robots 
  • Tour Office — for schoolchildren, loving couples, parents with children 
  • Weddings and birthdays with robots 
  • Robofoto — capture the best moments of your life 
  • Robomarket — gifts of joy

PLACE: Pavilion #2 (Education). 
TIME: daily from 11:00 to 20:00. 
COST: from 390 rubles.  
CONTACTS: for all questions call +7(925)878 03 42 ; +7(929)931 93 03; to book a tour: +7(929)931 93 03 or 
WEBSITE: www.робостанция.рф

From 390 rubles. 
every day from 11:00 till 20:00
From 11:00 to 20:00