The Park of Crafts

Park of Crafts is a new space dedicated to handiwork and crafts. A cluster of 25 hectares is located in the north of the VDNH, where the former livestock breeding area used to be. It bringы together public workshops where craftsmen, restorers, artists and industrial designers will work together, and visitors will have an opportunity to learn different techniques and crafts.

The workshops of the "Park of Crafts" have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for communication and learning. Here you can rent equipment, get advice from specialists, participate in workshops and network with like-minded people. Also, the workshops will be run as a co-working space, an educational platform, a space for events and a facility for commercial projects.

At the moment the "Park of Crafts" domain features the following: a new space called the "House of Crafts", a "Dymov Ceramics" manufacturing facility, a Pure Love cosmetic laboratory and educational center, "The Fishing Village", "City Farm", as well as the "Moscow Sky" restaurant and the "Wedding of Jays" café.

House of Crafts

The flagship project of the Park, "House of Crafts" is located in the refurbished pavilion No. 47, the former pig breeding exhibition pavilion, and brings together craftsmen of different crafts under the same roof.

The "House" has a lecture hall of 150 square meters equipped with workbenches for educational programs and master-classes. In the summer, the open area (1800 sq. m.) is used for master-classes, weekend fairs and theme-based festivals. The space is equipped with ramps, toilets for citizens with limited mobility and will have a room for mothers with infants.

Summer 2016 workshops

In the summer of 2016 the following workshops arel open in the "House of Crafts":

a carpenter workshop and "SM-47" co-working  - it brings together independent craftsmen of Moscow and the Moscow Region who work with plywood, wood and veneer; the architecture, furniture and interior design studio Uniquely that manufactures furniture on individual orders, as well as a showroom of furniture and home accessories made by Russian designers

the workshop "Special Ceramics at VDNH" - where young people with special needs will make designer ceramics under the guidance of professional artists and volunteers, 

Olesya Shevchuk's cheese making school - mini-cheese factory, where cheese makers from Russia, Italy, France will hold their master classes), 

"Smart Coffee", a laboratorya coffee shop and a roasting shop - production of coffee bean roasting and an educational center, which will also host sightseeing tours for visitors and events for professionals,

a florist workshop "May-May" - where visitors can learn to make bouquets of fresh and rare flowers, or purchase trademarked bouquets made of rare and fresh flowers,

a "Glass Workshop and School of Glass Works at VDNH" - featuring different techniques and technologies for working with glass, such as glass fusing, stained glass, glass painting, mosaic, lamp work),

Olga Baturina's Creative Workshop - an educational program aimed at the development of creative thinking, as well as photography, video and production of objects and stage design

Lisa Smirnova’s modern embroidery workshop - creation of textiles which are hand-embroidered in an original technique, master-classes in embroidery, cloth dyeing, book illustration and making linocuts.

Cosmetic laboratory Pure Love (located in building No. 324). It is a space which combines a modern production facility making organic cosmetics under copyright formulas and an educational lecture hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to not only expand their knowledge of the chemical and biological processes in cosmetology (the space will host presentations by experts in cosmetology, environment studies, nutritionists, perfume makers, etc.), but also be invited to take part in practical projects. Those who are interested will be able to make small batches of their own cosmetics, as well as consult on the development of new formulas and the use of existing ones.

The visual identity of the "Park of Crafts" was developed by the "Shchuka" (Pike) design bureau, which was assigned the task of creating a modern and memorable identity without exploiting the images of folk art and to display the specifics of the various workshops and their diversity.

Small architectural forms for the "Park" were created in collaboration with the “Utro” ("Morning") creative association and include tables, benches for master classes in the lecture hall of the "House of Crafts", as well as modules for a new gastronomic outlet in the Park, which is the "Farmeria" summer market at the VDNH.

VENUE: pavilion #47 “Pig breeding”
TIME: daily from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.
PRICE: entrance is free, master classes are to be paid extra

Entrance is free, master classes are to be paid extra 
From 10:00 to 22:00