A new attraction at Robostantsiya: Skala by Arena Space

At Robostatsiya, you can now not only admire the clever, fantastic robots, but also try your hand at mountaineering. The exhibition now has an unusual hybrid of a climbing trainer and a Skala interactive game platform.

The new augmented reality attraction looks like a climbing wall, but unlike an ordinary climbing wall, the ledges are illuminated and equipped with sensors. With their help, the picture on the interactive wall reacts to the touch of the players and changes depending on the plot.

It will be interesting for both children and adults to compete with each other at this attraction. Combining entertainment and sports training — now that's fun!

VENUE: Robostantsiya in Pavilion No. 2 'Education'
TIME: from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily
PRICE: 200 roubles on weekdays, 300 roubles on weekends
CONTACTS: +7 (499) 110-8127, E-mail: social@arenaspace.ru
WEBSITE: www.робостанция.рф.

Daily from 11:00 till 20:00