“City Farm” at VDNH

Family entertainment and educational center “City Farm” is located next to the historic pavilion 44 “Rabbit breeding" – 10 minutes on foot from the metro station Botanichesky sad. Cows, sheep, goats and poultry can be seen there all year round. At weekends merry DIY master classes and games are held.
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Rope park Sky Town

The largest rope park in Russia and giant swings. At a height of 15 metres, you can perform dynamic exercises, while your safety is always at the highest level. Anyone can attend the Rope Jungle, individuals or entire companies as part of their corporate parties.
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“Russian Great Inventions“ Exhibition

At the exposition of the Polytechnic Museum, you can "touch" the magnetic field, feel the vibrations from the explosion of the first Russian nuclear bomb RDS-1, see models, illustrating the gradual colonisation of Mars, spacesuits for the spacewalk, and much more.
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The most popular interactive exhibition among children featuring the huge Robodog, the star dog Sirius that offers a robopaw, the make-up artist robot, the art flute robot, the bartender robot Homer, the beggar robot, the smoothie robot, the robot solving the Rubik's cube puzzle, the joker robot etc…  
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The Park of Crafts

Park of Crafts is a new space dedicated to handiwork and crafts. In the former pig breeding #47pavilion and 25 hectares area around you can find ceramics, carpenter, florist, glass workshops: soap and cosmetic laboratories.
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