Grounds for futsal

Playing futsal with friends is possible now near the Michurinskiy garden. Two grounds with artificial turf 40х18 m are waiting for the futsal fans.

For the convenience of the players the grounds are equipped with the four locker rooms with showers and WC. Each of them is for 12 people. There is no sports gear for rent so the ball for the game is to be brought.  

PLACE: in the impounded area, near the Michurinskiy Garden
TIME: Daily from 10:00 to 23:00.
RENT: 2000 rubles/hour on week days before Friday 4 pm, 2500 rubles/hour — on weekends and on Friday after 4 pm.
CONTACTS: to rent the ground please call: +7 (916) 495-22-38

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