Chess Club at VDNH

The modern Chess Club has been opened at VDNH. It is located right behind administrative Building No.206. Now, chess fans can gather at VDNH both for professional and amateur tournaments. 

A new all-season wooden structure of 400 square meters with an open veranda is at the disposal of guests of VDNH. 12 wooden tables with comfortable benches are installed in the universal game room. You can play on them absolutely at no charge, as well as improve your skill with instructors. The Club's schedule includes open free classes for children and adults, paid classes,  blitz tournaments (lighting games) and open tournaments – competitions, in which a large number players (more that 30 people) of different levels from amateurs to grandmasters take part.

The Chess Club has several premises:  games hall, mother-and-child room, storage room, room for storage of the game equipment and sanitary room. The building is built environmentally friendly materials and adapted for sedentary groups of citizens.

ORGANIZERS: JSC “VDNH” and Russian Chess School, as well as the “Russkoye Foto” magazine.

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