Space Pavilion: Between Sky and Earth Exhibition

On 20 June 2018, the Space Pavilion: Between Sky and Earth exhibition will open. The exhibition is devoted to the history and architecture of one of the most famous pavilions of VDNH. The documentary exhibition will tell about the design and construction of the pavilion, its expositions in different eras, as well as the complex scientific restoration that was completed this year.

Hundreds of unique documents — photographs, pictures, drawings, many of which will be shown to the public for the first time, — will introduce visitors to the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre with the rich history of the legendary building: from 1939 to the present day. The exhibition will present to the visitors little-known facts related to the design and construction of the pavilion, as well as the transformation of the purpose of the pavilion and its expositions in different periods of the country's history.

The exhibition will reveal the rich architectural, engineering and artistic content of the building, help guests of VDNH decipher the multi-layered cultural context of the pavilion, share about the personalities and fates of the architects and artists who took part in its creation.

"This is an unusual exhibition. It is dedicated to one unique building. The Space Pavilion with its wonderful parabolic arch and amazing dome that is literally suspended between the sky and the earth, between the sublime and the vital. The whole history of the pavilion is a constant change from mundane concerns to a wonderful dream and back again. Each drawing, photograph, or text fragment in this exhibition tells its own special story. Stories flicker, repeat, weave into larger plots, highlighting an amazing variety of historical persons, events, ideas, moods. The exhibition is comprised of ten such stories. To read these stories and watch them is a rare pleasure," — says Pavel Nefedov, curator of the exhibition, researcher and historian of VDNH.

The pavilion was opened in 1939, entitled "Mechanisation and Electrification of Agriculture" and was originally housed in a shed used to display tractors and other agricultural machinery. It was reconstructed for the post-war opening of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in 1954 and acquired a modern look. The exposition gradually expanded and received an increasingly noticeable industrial bias. Since 1967, the Mechanical Engineering and the Space expositions were simultaneously located in the pavilion and in the surrounding area. After 1991, the space ships were removed from the pavilion and there were discos, sale of seedlings, seeds and used cars. The space exposition was returned here in the spring of 2018 after the completion of the scientific restoration of the building.

Materials for the exhibition were collected from public and private collections, as well as provided by the archive and library of VDNH. International news agency "Russia Today", general media partner of the exhibition, provided rare photographs from its own collection. In addition, an extensive visual and sound series has been prepared: multimedia exhibits, video installations based on historical and modern video and newsreel that help the viewer to move to the appropriate era of the pavilion's life. The exposition architecture creates a fascinating setting of art installation. A specially created digital media archive allows visitors to study in more detail the materials in the Space Pavilion: Between Sky and Earth exhibition.

VENUE: Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, Pavilion No. 34 "Space".
DATE: 20 June 2018 — 10 January 2019.
HOURS: every day from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except Mondays.
ADMISSION: a single ticket to attend the centre and the exhibition — standard ticket: 700 roubles, discount ticket: 350 roubles.

General media partner of the exhibition

Media partners of the exhibition

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